Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Kind of Nightlife

Happy New Year!
A week late. =]
Let me tell you, this year is gonna be KICKASS. It already has been.
I brought in the new year with my friends. Before midnight, we decided we would take zillions of pictures, and here are some of them. The last is a seven-second stop-motion.

Untitled from Jenna on Vimeo.

Ohhh we have fun.
Perhaps I will post something fashion-related...WOULDN'T THAT BE A MIRACLE.
Have a nice day and thanks for stopping by.


Georgia said...

Ha, I enjoy your non-fashion related posts! Looks like you had fun.. The sudden urge to take a zillion photos is irrepressible :)

It would be mine

Anonymous said...

hehe...aren't you guys cute!

liana said...

i wanna hang with you girls. looks like it was a good night.

Ali said...

Oh I just love those pictures! you all are so cute :)

vintageveggie said...

so cute! reminds me of the silly things i do with my friends.

fawned said...

these pictures are gorgeous - looks like so much fun :D i like the one in front of the mirror. you could be a girl group! :) xx

rainbowsarethebest said...

Waw YOU did this video "un jour" ?!?!?!
i saw it like months ago and i loved it and now i discover your blog and it's AMAZING :D