Thursday, January 14, 2010

Out There

Some decent pictures for you!

These are my new oxfords from Charlotte Russe. I AM SO EXCITED about them. I've wanted these shoes for yeeeears.

I love the back of this dress; the exposed zipper over the floral pattern.
I got it at Urban for $15, when it's original price was $80. WHAT A STEAL.
Anyways, I've been dreaming about leaving for a long time.
I want to see the world.
I'm tired of sitting around.
I want to see what's out there.


Sahakiel said...

So wake up, wherever you are, and stop dreaming... let the dream come true! I'm doing that at the moment and for the first time in a long time, I feel alive!! :)!

Lovely pictures (and lovely shoes!)

Anonymous said...

aw, man I am sooo stinking jealous about your UO dress. i love deals like that :)
annnd did you ask the 'rents about the outting?

Georgia said...

WHAT THE HELL?! That dress is in the "new in" section in the UK for £68 which is $111.
This. Is. So. Unfair.
It suits you.

It would be mine

Chloe said...

your photos are beautiful, your shoes are beautiful and you are beautiful!

La fille d'Avril said...

ur dress is great! iand it works so well with ur shoes and knee high socks!

Cassidy said...

LOVE the dress ! wow what a great deal :o

Ruxandra said...

You should make your dream come true.I have the same dream, well, it is just a dream from a thousand others:)have a happy weekend:)
p.s. the dress is so beautiful.

Kennedy said...

oh girl, these pictures are just beautiful and you are too. those shoes are awesome, i love them paired with the socks <3

C. said...

I love everything about your outfit!


Ever Loved said...

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prem said...

hey ur pics are very nice. but i feel there is more of a sadness in the pic. The sex appeal is over shawdoed by the sadness That is even there in the photos below. correct me if i am wrong.

Anonymous said...

love the pictures and that dress!
i say just do it, get up and go :)
we should see the world while we're young.

Anonymous said...

You are so pretty, and talented!

Anna said...

I love your style and this dress was definitely an amazing steal! WOW.
I love exposed zippers.