Saturday, November 29, 2008


Pictures from Thanksgiving now.

Me and my brother went for a bike ride.

We let balloons go for my great-grandma who passed away.

And, most importantly, here's what i wore on Thanksgiving.

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Welcome by nibbs13
Well I spent the day driving home from the desert to visit my Grandpa.

Pictures of that later.

Right now I just wanted to upload my first Polyvore, and add some pictures.
I read a lot of Twilight today, just because, what else am I gonna do for 7 hours? I've read the series before, I personally think the other 3 are LAME, but Twilight is adorable. And the movie sucked. But oh, Twilight. AND the cast is all GORGEOUS. I got Vanity Fair and really! Look at them!

I mean really! I can only dream to be as pretty as them! Or have a guy like Rob (with his scruff) And I wanna know where Kristen's dress is from.

But don't worry, I am not gonna go all Twilight fan obsessive, my heart already belongs to Harry.

Just one more picture I took:

OH. It was just a TAD perfect.

  • Good Book
  • Floral Candle
  • Disney Music
  • Tea
  • Tinkerbell Lantern
  • Cloudy Day

Mmmmmm. My favorite =]

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Well I gotta start photos sometime. I really have nothing better to do. I will be happier when it gets cloudier.

So basically my grandpa gave me a white shirt and I destroyed it and it was fun. Then I got these white high waisted shorts from the thrift store. But, they are from the 90's and make my butt look awful, so I don't wear them as high waisted.

Why yes, that is my cool-ass room.

And then, photoshoot! I made the headpiece one day just because, so I wanted to do a Native American photoshoot.

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Monday, November 24, 2008

The Formal Intro

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Jenna, I'm 15 and fashion is everything.

I want to be a fashion photographer or a fashion designer, I just can't decide.

I'm really hoping that having a blog will expose me to great style, and then I can improve my own. I looooove looking at other girl's style on Lookbook and blogs and just wherever. Clothes make me happy. THERE I said it. I am a materialistic person. On a thing I wrote for school I put material things above health as my priority.

I am a visual person, and photography and fashion are just the most desirable forms of art to me. So basically, I will be doing a lot of photodumping. I already have a bunch of pictures I want to put up that I've taken in the past, which could take a while, since I kinda wanna space them out so as to not bore anyone and kind of make them cohesive. Hmmm...

I also just got a Polyvore. Only made one set. But it suuuure is fun. So I will make more sets. When I figure out how to put them on here =[ DARN YOU POLYVORE.
So. To sum up. Photography, Fashion, Music, Movies, Art, LIFE.

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Er, Right.

It would seem I have made a blog!
Hi there. I'm Jenna. Umm...
I've wanted a blog for a while, because I do love reading other people's...
But then I got around to making one and forgot all about a very important ingredient: THE TITLE. So after sitting here for 15 minutes I just put something in, hence the name OH, BOTHER.
I will do a formal introduction later. Just wanted to get something up here.