Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Last post of the decade?!

So I've had some pretty good days recently.
Yesterday, I woke up and liked my hair, so I took a few pictures.

I also wanted to share what I got for Christmas:
  • This jewelry stand from Urban Outfitters.
  • The Beat perfume (finally!) and this mirror box.
  • An external hard drive
  • Money for a new iPod!

So yes. That's that. Ohhh and I've also been to the movies four times in the last week.

Sherlock Holmes was AMAZING. Maybe I'll do a Robert Downey Jr. post heh heh hehhh.

Nine was really good too, I loved the music.


Goodness I can't believe it's the end of this year.



Marina said...

awe your hair does look so pretty! I like the sunlight!!

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are beautiful. I love your red hair in the sunlight- (I almost dyed mine this summer). I really, really want to see nine (I have been waiting for it for a year) i love that musical!
I have added that jewelry stand from Urban outfitters to my wishlist along with these-

happy new year!

Anonymous said...
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Georgia said...

An external hard drive saved my life.. Love the jewelry stand!
It would be mine

teapartied said...

Those pictures are so lovely. I adore the light. xx

vintageveggie said...

adore the pictures of you. they are lovely.

Panda said...

Just stumbled across your blog,
and i heart it :-)
You have such a lovely style,
and these pictures are GORGEOUS!
Panda x
*follows you*

Sid said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR! i love your hair, you are so pretty! and that jewelry stand is really cool :)
Sid x

The Owl Diary said...

i love, love that jewelry stand.
and i LOVED sherlock holmes. robert downey jr. was amazing. & i also saw avatar this week, which was incredible, which was unexpected.
happy new year.

Cassidy said...

such lovely photographs
i'm glad to hear you had a good christmas :}

Stina said...

The photographs of you are wonderful!
Lovely light!
Happy new year, sweety!

Anonymous said...

oohh pretty jewelry stand! let's make 2010 even better than 2009!

Liza Jane said...

love that necklace! cheers to you and happy new year xo

Anonymous said...


VintageGoa said...

Oh my, your pictures are great, the sunlight makes them absolutely beautiful ...and I love, love your skirt and big ring:)


cool shots.

Lemon said...

these sunlight shots are beautiful. simple. captivating. oh, and your hair! the last shot was my fav, with that ring. question: how did you get that rainbow effect on some of the shots? i'd love love to know.