Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I ate lasagna today.
These are new addtitions to my ring collection. I LOVE THEM.
Yeah, I did just blog about lasagna, what of it?
GOD this blog is going down the tubes, but hang in there. I've just been in a state of insanity lately, BUT MAYBE IT'LL PASS, you never know.
Thank you for visiting. =]


fawned said...

Thanks for your comment! Yes. Glee. Harry Potter. Om nom nom.

I love that elephant ring! Ahhh I'm so jealous, it's gorgeous! xx

Anonymous said...

I love your pose in the second picture!
Annnd, lasagna is yummy!

Patience said...

I luv yur blog and visit it frequently!!!

Lashes said...

just wanted to let you no that your blog is amazing, let me just say bravo!
your inspiration photo's are so creative and the pictures of you are fantastic! you have such great style, i really love it and i totally think you should be a stylist ;)

Kennedy said...

i really like these pictures of you and those rings are beautiful! i don't think your blog is going down the tubes at all, i think its beautiful, and i'm glad i've found it <3

TheMinx said...

I love all of your rings, gorgeous!

kelsea said...

oh my god you like miyazaki stuff too?? as soon as i heard the music i was like no way!! howl's moving castle!!
and this is a great post. do not be ashamed of taking pictures in the kitchen with lasagna!! XD