Monday, February 8, 2010


the girl.

Hahah I listen to an obscene amount of Lady Gaga.

Wanted to show you my new shoes, and my beautiful lacy purcahse from the thrift store. I am amazed at my luck with thrift stores sometimes. I mean come on, I found this shirt, PLUS an old Pokemon? Good day.

So do you think I should start listing wear my clothes are from? Cuz I feel lilke I should. I'm gonna.

Jacket--Charlotte Russe
Lace Shirt--Thrift Store
Wedges--Charlotte Russe


Diane said...

Oh, these photos are fantastic. The lacey blouse is a terrific find and I can't believe that those wedges are Charlotte Russe. Maybe I should pop into that store sometimes.

Also, it's always nice to see where bloggers get their clothes so I second listing where they're from.

M. said...

ah in love with those shoes!

lovelove, M.

Anonymous said...

love this look
simple and chic
black white and red always work so well together
flawless darling
thanks for sharing as always
and thanks for the sweet comments


Chloe said...

I love the white lacy top.

Sidney said...

wow what a find! i wish there was some good thrift stores were i live but there is none :( damn. lol love the outfit as always xx

Lemon said...

the shoes and tights are killer. lovely photography!

candlestick said...

those shoes are fantastic.

Georgia said...

Wow. Thrift store? Thrift store score!
What a sucky rhyme.
It would be mine

dragonfly said...

Such good finds. Cheers! :)

MELISSA Z. said...

I've just discovered your blog and I love it!

If you want, check out my blog and leave a comment. Thanks a lot.

Cassidy said...

i love everything about this post .
now i must go listen to lady gaga .