Friday, February 5, 2010


Sorry. So I recently started watching Skins. I love it, it's like a drug.
BUT REALLY? The finale of Season One just made me scream in horror and amusement and WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING?
First Tony gets run over, then they all sing this weird song, and then it ends beautiful like this:
I'm so confused. And happy. And sad. Ohhh Skins.
Don't worry, I'll get over this by the time I get onto Season Two.


Estrella said...

i thought i was the only one who watched skins till now, i just saw the last episode of season one like 2 days ago, i loved it, i was very happy for sid and very sad for tony, its a great tv series, lets see the next season!

Gracie. said...

I read that really quickly in a high pitch tone and sounded a little mental. Lovely. xx

La fille d'Avril said...

haha i felt the sime at the time! i love season two but it's really weird...i dunno
you will know what i mean soon

skins is great!


teapartied said...

Oh man, I love Skins!
(Only the first and second seasons because of Cassie)
What happened to Tony was so tragic, but it really helps him become a better person.
And I love that song they sing at the end haha.
Season two is a bit strange at the beginning, with the new character..but it's still so good.

Lemon said...

i don't know this show. but you've certainly got me intrigued!

Georgia said...

First series = best
Series 2 = alright. shit ending.
Series 3 = CRAP

Only two episodes into Series 4, and everyone agrees its just a shadow of its former self. I do love Cassie from series 1 && 2 though
It would be mine

Megan said...

Ah, I always did think the first series of skins was by far the best. The next three series are alright, good as a program in itself, but not quite owning the same spirit as series 1. Have fun watching though :)

mariska said...

i wrote about Skins on my previous post!

who doesn't love Skins??
i really love Nicholas Hoult (as Tony), he's so gorgeous..
now we ready for 4th season!!


Sahakiel said...

First and second season of Skins are the best ones ever! imagine how in love I am with Skins that I work in the Spanish blog of the serie, makin interviews to the characters and things like that!!
Oooh, baby, baby it's a wild world...