Friday, November 20, 2009

To indulge the obsession.

Ohhh man, I spend a lot of time looking at Harry Potter pictures. I think we just needed a little Hary reminder in all this Twilight craziness =]
Although, I am going to see it on Monday, hopefully it will be as gorgeous as the first one. I love the green of Forks =]
ALSO Mum bought me a jacket and I'm soooo excited and I will post pictures soon.

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Annie said...


My favorite obsession to indulge in as well.

daisy lane said...

i love harry potter, and honestly i think harry potter is so much better than twilight! xx

Sylvie said...

HARRY POTTER ROCKS. Love the first photo!

heleen said...

I read the most wonderful thing the other day, it was on tumblr;
"I recently started dating a guy with the last name “Black.” Today, my little sister jokingly commented that we should name our kid “Jacob” in honor of Twilight. Silly sister, his name will be “Sirius."

I love that :)))

Sahakiel said...

Harry is Harry; no Twilight or anything can be a substitute of Harry for me :)
Yaw for the Weasley twins!

Georgia said...

Yay! Harry potter! If course we haven't forgotten him? (well I haven't!)
It would be mine

Georgiebird said...

The 11 year old inside of me has the 'Harry Rox' sticker that used to be on my Geography book on my heart.