Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Righto. I've been in Hawaii for the past week because my aunt lives there and me and my brother got to go out and stay with her.

I have pictures, and really a lot to catch up on. I just wanted to say how much I loved this shoot in Vogue Italia, and that I was not murdered.


Ruxandra said...

glad you're still alive:))i can't wait for the photos, and hope you had a nice time over there:)have a nice day.

Anthea said...

What an amazing shoot! I love your blog! Where did you stay in Hawaii?! I am going to Waikiki in December!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back.

angela's blurbs said...

love the photos!

Megan said...

That shoot is so clever
I love it :)

Anonymous said...

wow, hawaii! thats pretty funn!!!
my friends in hawaii right now, she got there yesterday.
where's the film festival you're talking about? i live in the bay area too, so it might not be too far away.