Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jungle Sailing

I haven't really posted anything about my treehouse. And I love my treehouse. It's like a pirate ship in the trees. So I will post now.
I also made a new skirt! I love it cuz it's so bright and I really need some color in this wardrobe o' mine. I was excited because I was able to break out this jingle bell and coin belt I made two years ago. 1.New Skirt, heehee.
2.Accesories, including PirateMedallionNiiiiice.
3.Suspension Bridge.
4.Trapdoor, opened with the Ship's Wheel.
5.Trapdoor again.

Wouldn't these be funny coffee table books? They make me laugh.

From Fredflare.


setyourselfonfire said...

cute skirt. you're a complete babe!

GracieFrances; said...

cute skirt!
i love your treehouse, i have always wanted one.

Diane said...

Wow, fantastic job on the skirt! And the treehouse looks like fun; I've always wanted one in my backyard.

And that poo book?! Haha, I secretly want to flip through that because I have no idea what my poo is telling me.

heleen db said...

Having a treehouse is like a childhood dream of mine, I'm so jealous now! And yours looks amazing as well, nothing like the pathetic hovel I once attempted to build in my backyard.

And I really like your skirt, perfect shape and marvellous print.

Lizzie said...

Cute outfit and I am now very, very jealous of your tree house! It looks so majestic.

Hello Spy said...

Amazing treehouse! I love the first picture. :)

tucker said...

i am loving your necklace. in the best way possible, it reminds me of the gold pieces in the pirates of the caribbean movies, not to be geeky or anything :)

Georgia said...

You put my treehouse to shame...
Love that skirt btw, especially the shape

I love having small parties (i.e. 3people) in my treehouse in the summer, its so much fun, even more so now because theres a hole in the roof giving a great view of the sunset (or a faceful of rain)

It would be mine

Megan said...

Thank you for such a lovely comment you left me! It really made my day. Yeah it's my room. It looks quite cool in photos but it's very grey when you live in constant grey clouds. I do love it secretely though ;)

I adore your treehouse. It's so cute! I also can't believe you made that skirt, it's amazing. I wish I could have the patience to make my own clothes.

Anonymous said...


Wow, I've said this before, but your backyard is freakin amazing.

And those books made me laugh...I've seen the "What's Your Poo Telling You" one at UO all the time...I've always wondered what type of people actually buy those books.


Lauren said...

i love your skirt! all of your outfit photos are so lovely.

the golden fairy princess said...

i would kill for this treehouse. it's completely sick and i love it, especially the pirate's wheel.

Aïcha b. said...

Oh god i love the way you're dressed ! ! I love your medallion !!! So beautiful im so jealous !