Monday, January 26, 2009


And tagging makes me think of graffiti which makes me think of Fafi. SO HERE:

Anyways, my dears.
EGAD. I have been tagged and given an award by Micaela (whom I adore)! This is the honesty scrap award in which I have to say 10 true things about moi, and then give it to 7 other bloggers who basically ROCK. Yup =]

10 honest things about myself:
1. I hate peas.
2. I just watched a bunch of Heath Ledger movies, so I had to throw that one in there from 10 Things I Hate About You. I am really in a Heath kinda mood.
3. I refuse to grow up.
4. When it is sunny out during midday I feel sick and get in a very bad mood.
5. I want to live in London, but I do love my house.
6. When I am bored, I eat. CHOCOLATE.
7. My brain doesn't shut up. Not once, not ever.
8. I am afraid of driving.
9. I have been a vegetarian for 2 and a half years.
10. I have wished at 11:11 for the past 5 days every time it came around.
I'm going to tag:

Heart-Shaped Morning


Daydream Lily


Silver Wings

The Minx

Fashion Bread

Oh, and I stole Chloe's questions for giggles.
1. describe your personal style: Hmm I would say edgy, but whimsical. Oh yes.

2. what are the staples in your wardrobe? My green chucks, and my new peacoat.

3. what's your signature look? Umm...a dress I can't wait to wear in spring. But you'll have to wait for that.

4.what inspires you? Ohh many things! Fashion, Photography, Movies, Music, You bloggers, Life in general really.

5.who is your fashion muse? Well...I love Zooey Deschanel and Aggyness Deyn.

6. favorite purchase of all time? That one dress =]

7.biggest splurge? Honestly, I've never really spent a lot, because I never have money. Last time I spent more than 60 dollars on one thing were my Etnies in 6th grade. Oh. Good times.

8.what's your beauty routine? Find something to do with my rat's nest of hair, put on mascara and eyeliner.

9.what jewelry do you never take off? I have 10 bracelets I never take off, even in the shower. I also make sure I wear my mood ring from 5th grade, or else I feel naked.

10.what are you wishing for? and some new heels.

11.what are your obsessions? Big dresses and floaty materials.

Yup, well that's all folks! Really, if anyone wants to do that tag, go ahead, I don't have anymore energy to tag anyone.

And's a random photo of my best friend.


Yvonne said...

i really like the suitcase...

daydream lily said...

hehe, thats ok about double tagging me.
10 bracelets! doesn't that get heavy?

mmm I eat chocolate when im bored too.

setyourselfonfire said...

yay thanks for the tag, i'll do it now :)

cute pic of your best friend by the way xx

Anonymous said...

i love that picture of your friend. hmm...i think i might do this tag, if i'm feeling in the mood for it in the future. i'm just way too tired now.

TheMinx said...

thanks for the award love! I've added you :)

Countrybelle said...

oh yay, i love being tagged! especially by a sweetie such as yourself. thank you. and i'm so glad you did my fashionista tag. sometimes it's fun to think about silly things like clothes!
countrybelle/chloe of

alexandra said...

aww so fun! loved reading this!
and i love the last pic. so cute. xoxo

Hippy Chic said...

what a lovely photo! Have a splendid night!