Thursday, January 1, 2009


Well, it's a little strange the way I came around to posting this. Of course, I would have posted it some other time I am sure, because I am so passionate about this subject.

But I came to thinking about it while watching Wall-E. Adorable movie by the way. =] But it really makes you think about what humans are doing to the delicate Earth and how cruel we really are. I sometimes wish humans had never been created, and animals and nature could live peaceful lives, instead of having humans destroy their habitats. I just wanted to take this moment to show some of the beauty of nature, and why we should work to preserve it.
All photos from flickr or

The trees cry out as they die, but you cannot hear them.

-Princess Mononoke


sammi-lise ^_^ said...

fantastic post, and i understand what you are saying...
humans are the deadliest thing alive, and i hate how horrible we can be. we are so selfish and seriously, big losers. not offending anyone personally or anything, but i hope you know what i mean.
our birth is just the beginning of our own demise :(
still, very thoughtful post with fab photos :)
keep up the great work

lise <3

Anonymous said...

i totally know what you're saying. i watched an inconvenient truth a couple of weeks ago and was shocked at how humans are single handedly responsible for the earth's demise. those photos are amazing, btw. haunty, but yet lovely

Krystal said...

nature is so important, people dont seem to realize. have you seen the new zeitgeist movie "zeitgeist addendum"? i think you can google it and watch online--its about the problems of the whole world collectively, and how to change. its a nice fresh perspective. x

Elene said...

love the photos!