Friday, December 16, 2011


Well since I've come home, my body's been a mess,
And I miss your ginger hair and the way you liked to dress.

Well hello there! This is just a little outfit I whipped up today. Winter sunny days are so beeeeautiful for lighting. I just die. I have missed blogging so much. I'm on Tumblr a lot, but it's not the same.
So I have successfully finished my first quarter of college at UC Santa Cruz. I took my very first photography class, which has gotten me very excited for my future. ON A STUPIDER NOTE: My camera literally refuses to autofocus. So once this poor student gets some money, I will be buying a new camera.

Skirt that is actually a dress--F21


Anonymous said...

Yay! You're back to blogging :) Cute outfit; I looove the shoes :)

Aïcha b. said...

YAAAAAY :D what's your tumblr btw ? i hope you'll share with us your photography projects etc... bisous