Saturday, December 17, 2011

courage is the thing.

Hello! So today I went to the lovely town of Sacramento with Anna and our moms. She was nice enough to take some pictures of me, how kind. This outfit reminds me a lot of Peter Pan, with the coat and floofy shirt...very Captain Hook-esque.
Speaking of Peter Pan, I realized that I haven't showed you my tattoos, seeing as I now have four. So sad. I'm not even 19 yet and I have four. BUT ANYWAYS. This is my Peter Pan one:
This quote came from the only official authorized sequel to Peter Pan--Peter Pan in Scarlet. The quote was
"Courage is the thing. All goes if courage goes!"
It was a quote that really stuck with me and has guided a lot of my decisions.
So now I figured I would show you the beautiful chapter art from this book. Clearly I am never going to grow up. I'm still blogging about Peter Pan.
Legging Jeans--Gap
Coat--Old Navy
Bag--I stole it from Mommy.


- D - said...

Your tattoo is so lovely, really like the handwriting <3

Laura said...

the tattoo is lovely:) and so is your outfit, especially the shirt! x