Wednesday, September 23, 2009

jeepers batman

Oh jeez, guys. I am so sorry.
I have been so busy.
Last night was the Killers, which was PHENOMONAL, of course.
But other than that, I have a ton of homework.
I will try to post more soon.
I have been keeping up with Fashion Week, however!
SOME AMAZING STUFF. The one that has stuck with me the most is Marchesa. If I had any one of these dresses, I would nevereverevereverever take it off.


Enep said...

So cute! I want them too! :--D

TheMinx said...

I was totally blown away by marchesa too, their clothes are literally works of art.

Ruxandra said...

the blue dress.can i have it?amazing.loved it so much.

Flashes of Style said...

Wow. these are completely stunning.

Megan said...

Amazing dresses. You're right, I would never want to take them off either

jessica wu said...

UGH they're so AMAZING. i love all of them. intricate detail and perfect tailoring.


Annie said...

the first time I come across here.
/this blog is really inspirational :)
wow and you are so cute. sorry for my bad english
kissy kissy

Soné said...

ooo lovely lovely post! that peachy dress is my favourite and those tatu stockings are something i want to have!!! :) awesomeness!

The Cherry Blog said...

These are awesome gorgeous dresses - you def would live it them. Jealous u saw the killers I love 'em! xx

Lisa said...

Wow, absolutely stunning dresses!