Monday, September 7, 2009


I read outside in my vines. I'm so excited we have vines! It's a miracle to see green in the summer. Of course, the pictures are horrible quality, as I hate sizing them for Blogger.

I went to Anthropologie lately, and was very inspired. Some money would be nice, so that I could actually buy something there.
Gonna go see Harry Potter. Again.


Miss Meg said...

Hello :)
Thought I'd tell you your pictures and blog itself is beautiful!
I am following.
Miss Meg x

Saorise said...

Lovely photos!
I looove your camera and your anthropologie inspired collage is so pretty. I know, I wish I had enough money to spend there. There items are so pricey!

Eve said...

I love those pictures! Wow. The one of the kitty is so nice!
Anthropologie is my favorite store. I wish I had more money...


Indie.Tea said...

Those photographs are so lovely. They look as if they came out of a modern fairytale.

a mouse said...

these are lovely!
little vine dreams!
ps. you can never see
harry potter too many
times :) xoxo ♥ xoxo

Ali said...

beautiful post. looks like a very pretty place to go and read. very peaceful :)

Sylvia said...

The third and fourth pictures are incredibly gorgeous and just make me want to grab a book and read in the woods! Hmm...perhaps I shall!

little me. said...

Those pictures are divine! Lovely, indeed.
Oh, I love Harry Potter. <33

NUISHU said...

that's the place where you live? you are so lucky! lovely :)

Anonymous said...

hello dear! love love love those pictures...i have a trick with sizing photos...have you ever tried hosting them in flickr? so much easier, and they look nicer too. you can make the pictures a lot bigger! if you need help, i'd be happy to help you too!


Ruxandra said...

the photos are just amazing.forget aabout the blogger thing, what's in the pictures matters:)

Bianca and Isabella said...

i love how your so earthy and misticle.