Sunday, December 28, 2008


Halfway through break by now. What a shame.
But Christmas was good, hope everyone's Christmas was too.
I got a pretty new phone, and texting with it, so I am quite excited about that.
Geez I was gonna blog about so much, now I can't remember.
Guess I will just post an old picture.I also got Konk, the newest Kooks album. They are simply amazing. I saw them in October, it was my first concert, you see. I am kind of obsessed with them right now.

The Kooks (EMI Rooftop)

The Kooks (Music Hall of Williamsburg) 001
Me and my cousin also went to Anthropologie.

I got one of these! With a J on it for Jenna. xD
Mmmm that store is wonderful.

OH! I want this!

Oh! This too! I want a red skirt to match a shirt I just bought. It has a dream catcher on it.

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