Monday, December 22, 2008


Now that finals are over, I am really embracing Christmas. I watched The Christmas Story avec ma famille. OH MY GOD I love that movie with a passion. Really, everybody in the world MUST WATCH THIS MOVIE.

It's a major award! It's indescribably beautiful!

We also watched Rudolph, and I decided that Brad from The Rachel Zoe Project looks like this one elf in it. I couldn't help but notice, really.

I swear, Rachel Zoe is gonna make me start using "stupid" as an adverb.
And here's just a little bokeh I did for Christmas time. It's stupid pretty.
Hahaha NOT.
Merry Christmas everyone!

1 comment:

Bambola said...

Lol @ stupid pretty.

& you're right. He does look like an elf! :)