Saturday, November 29, 2008


Welcome by nibbs13
Well I spent the day driving home from the desert to visit my Grandpa.

Pictures of that later.

Right now I just wanted to upload my first Polyvore, and add some pictures.
I read a lot of Twilight today, just because, what else am I gonna do for 7 hours? I've read the series before, I personally think the other 3 are LAME, but Twilight is adorable. And the movie sucked. But oh, Twilight. AND the cast is all GORGEOUS. I got Vanity Fair and really! Look at them!

I mean really! I can only dream to be as pretty as them! Or have a guy like Rob (with his scruff) And I wanna know where Kristen's dress is from.

But don't worry, I am not gonna go all Twilight fan obsessive, my heart already belongs to Harry.

Just one more picture I took:

OH. It was just a TAD perfect.

  • Good Book
  • Floral Candle
  • Disney Music
  • Tea
  • Tinkerbell Lantern
  • Cloudy Day

Mmmmmm. My favorite =]

Current Music:Not a Love Song-Uh Huh Her

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