Saturday, November 20, 2010


I'm so annoying. I get restless for a change and all I do is redecorate.
But I won't worry about that right now becaaaaaauuuuse I AM GOING TO HARRY POTTER WORLD. TOMORROW I GET ON A PLANE TO FLORIDA. THIS IS NOT REAL.

Sooooo The Deathly Hallows was amazing, and this is the best week of my life.


Erica said...

wow, have fun in Florida! Oh and your dresser has so many unique and lovely things on it. beautiful!

sunnyshadow said...

I love everything in the picture,you are so lucky to have such great things.

Aïcha b. said...

oh gosh. there are two things coming to my mind :
1) i think your blog is my favortie on the whole blogspot world
2) i want to kill you. haha really these two last posts make me want to kill ! !! ! ! you're so lucky and i'm happy for your best week ever, enjooooy
xx (sorry if i scared you hehe)

Georgia said...

YOU ARE GOING TO HARRY POTTER LAND!?!?!?! omg. Am so jealous. I've already seen Harry Potter 7 twice and I looove it. Have fun

It would be mine

Lizzie said...

Enjoy Wizarding World!! It's really a travesty I haven't been yet, especially since I live a short 45 minute drive from O-Town.

Enjoy Florida as well. :D