Saturday, September 18, 2010


bodega 1

Oh look! It's my best friends at Bodega Bay. And I'm going there again tomorrow and I'm psyyyyyched. Sorry if this is getting boring, this photo catch up. Maybe one day I will do an outfit post. How bout that, eh?


Aïcha b. said...

hellou ! good god i love your blog i'm so stupidly happy at each new post !
i put a picture of yours on my tumblr :) (with the link of course) ( )
bisous <3

herecomesthesun said...

hey hun your blog is looking really good. loving all your pics! xx

Georgia said...

I still read your blog, its more interesting than purely fashion based blogs. And damn that sea looks cooolllld
It would be mine

Brad Fallon said...

I love Bodega Bay - your photos are great!

Laken Linnea said...

what a gorgeous setting! i love how gray the beach is sometimes, it makes for some amazing photos :)

love always,

Mary said...
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