Wednesday, October 21, 2009

you're creepin' me out

Well, it is my favorite time of the year, yet again. HALLOWEEN.
And what better way to celebrate than to break out some of my favorite movies: Tim Burton's.My favorite is probably Corse Bride. I just feel like I can relate to Emily.I would also like to express my INTENSE pleasure with this Bazaar photoshoot.
My kind of fashion, I must say. I am quite a creepster.


graciee. said...

so creepy, but so lovely.

Aïcha b. said...


Anonymous said...

Tim Burton's movies are creepily genius.
I loved the Night Before Christmas. I watched it a few years ago at school. It was end of term, and we were all fidgeting in our seats, so the teacher decided to show us a movie and get us all the more hyped up for Christmas.

And I'm renting Corpse Bride this weekend. (:

Alexandra said...

Ahh Tim Burton <3 I'm in love

Georgia said...

If you like this shoot, you should see Tim Walkers shoot with Tim Burton and more for Vogue. It's more happy but equally weird
It would be mine

Anonymous said...

i ADORE this tim burton-inspired editorial shoot
SO gorgeous, thanks for sharing
i love it!
your blog is so awesome, glad i stumbled across it, keep it up!
thanks for the sweet comments as well, ive linked you!

check out my blog @

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

It is a perfect editorial.

Patience said...

is that American Baazar!? I need it NOW! and I completely lOVE tim burton....we're having Tim Burton week here on campus and watching all of his movies!

Aïcha b. said...

"Ohhh my goodness I really wanna go to the snow too. My friends were like OH BOY WE SHALL SKI. and i'm like yeeeeeahnothanks. ill stick to sledding. =]

And I love the pirate's gospel so much. Me and friends are thinking of making a video of it."

haha yeah i don't like skiing either... i mean i can't do it properly and i hate all the stuff you have to carry on ! Haaaaa so heavy, sledding is the best :D
Oh yes make a video ! this music is so much... i don't know it makes me feel like i'm travelling in time <3

lully & rupert said...

ohhhh isnt he lovely! and i've that big skeleton and pretty girl up on my wall, love that shoot.

Meg Webb said...

The most glad happy making xoxo tres bien

The Cherry Blog said...

love that shoot!! and his movies. Bring on Alice in Wonderland next year already! x