Monday, August 17, 2009

Triple Blue

I enjoy mum's vest, paired with my Forever 21 scarf and jean shorts.

I also saw Ponyo!

Cutest little movie in the world!

It made me want to go sailing through the treetops.

Just watch it. =]


Aïcha b. said...

ohh thank you very much ! haha you saw Ponyo ! I love this film <3 and your forever 21 scarf too i'm angry cause there is not this shop in switzerland :S


Indie.Tea said...

Ponyo sounds very cute :)

mice said...

love your outfit! ^^
especially vest and scarf.

Ruxandra said...

now i have one more movie on my list:)lovely outfit.

clairegrenade said...

that movie was honestly..THE cutest thing I have ever seen

other than that...
nice shades, girlie!! & i love your use of denim vest!

Pansieberry said...

cool outfit! i adore the scarf - very chic.

Andie said...

love the scarf and vest combo, awesomeness, awww and i wanna watch ponyo soo badly!! :(:(

jessica wu said...

aw ponyo!
i'm so sad miyazaki is retiring :(