Tuesday, May 19, 2009

please clear the area.

Here's my boots! People didn't understand them. I think bed tables say a lot about a person.No idea what mine says, but I like my flowers =]

These two were amazing last night. I ran around all happy-like for a half hour til I calmed down. From here


heleen db said...

Gossip Girl season 2 needs to air on Belgian TV IMMEDIATELY.

and your bed table says you're... lovely! Is that a lampshade with Tinkerbell on it?

Roarclothing said...

i understand your boots :)


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lauren said...

I wish I could have flowers on my bed table all the time. So pretty!

Ruxandra said...

love your boots:)can you post more pics of your room>?it looks absolutly amazing...with those photos under the window and those in the window:Dand the lamp with tinker bell!!!!!where do you have it from?i love tinker bell and fairies:)so...whenever you cand post more pics of your magical room:)

pleasantdaze said...

OMG i loved last night's episode of gossip girl
i totally squealed when chuck finally said it

Lara Natascha said...

wow i love your blog. so great!

exchange links darling?


Sylvia Cunningham said...

Love your bed table. Mine is unfortunately a mess, but I still do love to take pictures of it! GOSSIP GIRL ENDING WAS SO GOOD! FINALLY. :)

Anonymous said...

Your boots are terrific.

Anonymous said...

I love your boots. And Gossip Girl. It's everything I never want to become, but just love to watch. Completely worriless TV - just watch and enjoy the misfortunes and triumphs of teenagers with way too much money, and way too many clothes I want.


Lara Natascha said...

thank you so much darling!
oh i want to have your boots.
i want to buy them since one year!


jules said...

First, I think your bed table is sweet, and I think my bed table is sparse, the top is to small to say anything, maybe the drawers. Second, I yelps quite allot at gg on Monday, I was soo Pleased!

Aïcha b. said...

haha :) i love your bed table ;) and your shoes ! i want the same ! and i totally understand that nobody understands but whatever they are cool ! oh god my english really isn't good :S